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We specialize in diesel engine maintenance, diagnostics and repair.

Bus Fleet Maintenance

Flexible enough to develop and employ custom fleet management programs.

• Diverse enough to satisfy Bus and Shuttle need.

• Efficient enough to minimize fleet downtime. 

Certified technicians, with proficient customer relationships, forge an alliance with an unwavering commitment to success. You can be assured that your bus is receiving the highest level of service and reliability. From one bus to a large fleet MTR can provide preventative maintenance and repair, heavy vehicle repair, air conditioning repair, and fleet inspections. Just ask for a fleet maintenance proposal.

Trailer Repair

From small dings to major repair work, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary to restore your truck and trailer back to their previous condition. We offer free estimates, and our professional repair techniques will have you back on the road in no time. Our technicians are highly trained, using only superior quality materials for perfect finishes.


Trailer Modifications:

 Door Conversion 

•  Gate Installations or Removals

•  Roof Conversions

•  E-Track Installations

•  Paint, Decal Removal, Refurbishing

Engine Rebuilding

Not all automotive centers offer diesel engine maintenance, diagnostics and repair. MTR specializes in diesel engine maintenance, diagnostics and repair in addition to our non-diesel auto services. Our diesel truck mechanics can provide comprehensive care for your light, mid-sized or heavy-duty truck.


We offer a full line of diesel engine maintenance services. We're also set to perform major diesel engine repair work from fuel injector and turbo installations to complete engine rebuilds.


Whether you have a large diesel truck or a smaller diesel vehicle, MTR is your one-stop source for complete diesel care. Our experienced technicians will rebuild your diesel engine with quality parts, and we’ll save you money doing it. Typically we can rebuild your diesel engine for less than a factory exchange. Bring your unit in to our fully equipped service center for anything from minor repairs and tune-ups to complete overhauls.

Welding & Fabrication

Our shops’ service facilities have the equipment and trained experienced personnel to repair your truck quickly and at a fair price. Spacious service bays, the latest tooling and technology are in place so that we can provide fast, accurate, and cost efficient repairs. 


We offer a wide variety of welding and fabrication services in carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Whether a project is large or small and requires metal cutting or simply a welding repair, our technicians and equipment will provide our clients with quality, safety, and commitment on every project.

We Service All Brands Of Trucks, Any Size From Large To Small

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